Red Sparrow is a tale as old as time, kind of. An “innocent” is brought into a world of deception and danger due to circumstances out of their control, they become awesome at killing and lying, only to find out there may be more to their organization than first believed. Whether we’re walking about Atomic BlondeBad Company, or any of the Bourne movies, there’s always something inherently fun about spy thrillers. That’s not to say we’re head over heels in anticipation of the most recent Francis Lawrence movie (ConstantineThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pts 1 & 2), but it does mean we’ll probably watch this to see what it’s all about.

But hey, you’re all adults. Watch the TrailerTown and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Red Sparrow Trailer

  1. We Fought the Lawrence and the Lawrence Won – Jennifer Lawrence is hit or miss for some folks. For us, we just keep going back to Winter’s BoneSilver Linings Playbook, and, most recently, mother! to have full confidence in her acting chops with a good script. Is she doing a full-on Russian accent in this movie? Yes. Does this look like a non-Marvel Black Widow movie? Yes. Do we still want to see Jennifer Lawrence beat the shit out of some bad guys? Yes.
  2. Naked Aggression – A great fight scene can be a wonder to behold, but a great fight scene, done completely in the nude, can bring viewers to a whole new level of involvement. Just think about how great that fight scene in Eastern Promises is, or that fight in Deadpool with Ryan Reynold’s bum hanging out. According to this TrailerTown, we’re getting Jennifer Lawrence’s version of that fight in Red Sparrow (1:20). We’re sure the scene won’t be lurid or exploitative, but with everyone involved in the movie promising a “hard R” rating, we’re interested to see how much ass can be kicked with people’s asses out.
  3. The Irons Giant – Jeremy Irons is in this movie. Do we need to say much more? We didn’t think so.
  4. The Book was Better – Red Sparrow is based on a book of the same name. We all know that just because it was a book first doesn’t mean the movie will be good, (lookin’ at you, EragonTwilight, and Eat Pray Love). Having said that, looking at Francis Lawrence’s filmography behind the camera, he usually goes for adapted stories (Constantine, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, I Am Legend, Water for Elephants). He’s shooting about 50/50 so far, so we’re interested to see how this turns out.
  5. Hard R-ussian – For a movie about a Russian assassin falling in love with a CIA mole, you need a bit of gusto to pull it off. We were happy to see this movie get a hard R-rating, and even more excited to see a bathtub murder (2:22). If nothing else, we’ll get to see people punching and shooting each other for 90 minutes.

Yeah, Red Sparrow probably won’t be bringing home any of the major awards, but every now and then you just need something fun to have on in the background.

What did you think?