This month’s Bonus Features favorites are all about making us look good. Since we’ve already mentioned some people to take great pics of you, we need to let you know how to look good in the first place, and that award goes to Revolution Barber & Style Emporium.

Revolution is a High Five favorite and is single-handedly responsible for making 50% of our hosts look better than the other 50%. Don’t believe us, just watch this video:

That’s right, we just showed you how the sausage gets made…and a video of Q getting his hair did!

Eric and Samantha truly know how to take personal style to the next level, and there’s nothing better for a confidence booster than to walk in a slob and walk out a movie star.

They offer full services for men, women, and children, so there’s no excuse for you to not drop what you’re doing this very second and go get pampered. Hell, if they can make us look good, they can do anything.

Still not convinced? They have graciously sponsored this month’s Bill Murray Bingo with an amazing gift bag to get you started, so you literally have no excuse. We expect to see you the last Wednesday of this month to play with us, win a Revolution Barber & Style Emporium gift bag, and then go see Eric or Samantha to help you take it home.

For more examples of their cranial command, check out their website or visit them on Facebook today. Tell ’em High Five sent you.

You’re welcome.