If you’ve listened to our Most Rewatchable TV Shows episode, you know that here at High Five: The Podcast, we are HUGE fans of Rick & Morty. It’s a masterclass in writing for comedy and sci-fi, and the layers of jokes in each episode is mind-boggling. It feels like we’ve been waiting for season 3 of Rick & Morty to begin for 5 years now (it’s really only been almost 3), but we finally have an official season TrailerTown and release date……and it looks amazing!

See what we mean by checking out the trailer and then reading our top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Rick & Morty Season 3 Trailer

  1. Pickle Rick! – Easily, the best thing about the TrailerTown for Rick & Morty Season 3 is Pickle Rick. We get to see him in pickle form only, in tiny pickle form with robotic arms and legs, and in full-grown, badass Pickle Rick battle armor. We don’t know the context, but we can’t wait to find out.
  2. “Mind your own goddam business, Gene!” – We love when Morty finally reaches his breaking point and snaps. Those moments can sometimes be the best things about any particular episode. We’ve never met their neighbor Gene before, but he looks like a great straight man for Morty’s wrath.
  3. Summer Time – Over the first two seasons, Summer has gone from being simply an annoying older sister, to basically one fo the gang. We love seeing her involved in more adventures with our titular duo.
  4. The Darkest Timeline – At one point, Rick says “Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures” (0:41). We don’t know why or how could get any darker (remember, Rick and Morty are both technically dead in the universe of the current season and have been replaced by the Rick and Morty from season 1 after they Cronenberg their universe to shit), but if they are truly getting darker, we’re in for the ride.
  5. Mad Morty – It looks like there is going to be a Mad Max style episode (0:46). Hopefully, they take from Fury Road, but we know however they approach the subject matter, it will be done with that Rick & Morty edge.

We can barely wait until July 30 for the start of Rick & Morty season 3, but what about you? Do you have your portal gun on the ready? Have you visited Mr. Poopybutthole in the hospital lately?

Tiny RICK!!!!!