We believe that films make the world a better place and improve our lives, but in all seriousness, Rockwood Farm Botanicals is a company doing that for realsies.

These guys focus on non-toxic products that are plant and mineral based, wild crafted or organically grown/sourced and sell things like herbal salves, tinctures, and other alternative health care products. All-in-all, they are a High Five: the Podcast favorite, because unlike most people that make us look good, these guys make us feel good.

Just take a look at some of the amazing things they offer:

Rockwood Farm Botanicals

Rockwood Farm Botanical Candles

PokeBall Bath Bombs

No, you aren’t hallucinating, those are PokeBall Bath Bombs!

If you care about yourself and the environment and supporting fantastic local businesses, you can’t find a much better place than Rockwood Farm Botanicals.

Visit their Facebook page today and check out their full inventory. Tell them High Five sent you and they may even give you some hose water for FREE!

Also, to get you even more pumped, they are one of the sponsors of this month’s Bill Murray Bingo and offering an amazing prize pack! What’s better than getting free stuff? Don’t miss it!