After his stellar directorial debut with Nightcrawler, we were on board with pretty much anything Dan Gilroy wanted to send our way…and then we got the TrailerTown for Roman J. Israel, Esq. Don’t get us wrong, even though it wasn’t what we were expecting, we can’t wait to see what Denzel and Dan do with this material. If this movie turns out as good as it looks, we may have to go back and update our Top 5 Denzel Washington Movies lists.

If you’re ready to see Denzel take on the courts and get into seedy behavior, watch the TrailerTown for Roman J. Israel, Esq. and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Roman J. Israel, Esq. Trailer

  1. Denzel, Ma Belle – Between the look, the hair, and the mannerisms, Denzel Washington has completely dedicated himself to this role and watching his (seemingly) Breaking-Bad-esque descent into misdeeds gives us the tinglies.
  2. Gilroy Was Here – It’s true we only have one previous film to go off of, but from the look of Roman J. Israel, Esq., Dan Gilroy will once again be taking on a journey with someone pushed to using a broken system to their advantage. We can’t wait for the ride.
  3. Farrell Animals – If anyone can play a hair-slicked-back, high-power attorney with associations to hide, we can’t think of a better candidate than Colin Farrell. Between The LobsterThe Beguiled, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, we’ve been really impressed with Colin lately. Hopefully this keeps that train rolling.
  4. Surprise, Jokes – Reading through the plot summaries of Nightcrawler and Roman J. Israel, Esq., “funny” wouldn’t be the first word that comes to mind, but Gilroy has a knack for mixing in real humor alongside his danger. And for that, we thank him.
  5. Fro, Yo – Yes, we’ve already mentioned Denzel’s epic hair in a previous bullet, but seriously, it’s like the third-billed star of this TrailerTown. What a fro.

Will you be joining Roman J. Israel, Esq. in court when it hits theaters this year? You can hold us in contempt of court because we want to be locked up with this one. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.