In honor of Christmas, last week’s post about The Year Without a Santa Claus, and our most recent episode, we’re unveiling another round of Christmas Recast! We know, we know. You’re welcome.

If you think we’ve missed the mark on any casting choice, feel free to add your comments to the end and let us know who should have played which role and why.

The Cast

S. D. Kluger (The Postman/Narrator) – Michael Bublé

S. D. Kluger

Michael Buble





With the original film casting Christmas song and dance man Fred Astaire, we felt it would be fitting to continue the tradition of our narrator being a well-known lounge singer with ties to Christmas. Not many people fit that bill outside of Michael Bublé, so he’s our winner!

Kris Kringle  – Domhnall Gleeson

Kris Kringle

domhnall gleeson





Domhnall has been on a streak lately, what with Ex Machina, Fred, and Star Wars: Episode VII all dropping to high praise for his performances. Who better to play Kris Kringle than America’s favorite red-headed step-child? He can rock the beard. He can be jolly or serious. He captures our hearts. And isn’t that what you want in a Santa?

Jessica Claus – Bryce Dallas Howard

Jessica Claus

Bryce Dallas Howard





And redheads begat redheads, who begat redheads. The daughter of Hollywood big-wig, Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard has again and again shown her acting chops, most recently astounding us all with her role in Black Mirror. We can’t think of a better person to carry the character arc of Jessica Claus than this stunning beauty.

Winter Warlock – Jim Broadbent

Winter Warlock

Jim Broadbent





When you need a character with a tough exterior that turns out to have a heart of gold (and magic powers), you’d be hard-pressed to find a better actor than Jim Broadbent. Few actors can make you laugh as hard and cry as much in a single run, but Jim is a wizard, so we wanted to make him a warlock.

Burgermeister Meisterburger – Jason Alexander

Burgermeister Meisterburger

Jason Alexander





Stage-trained with an acerbic wit, George Costanz….we mean, Jason Alexander is the perfect choice to pull off the infamous Burgermeister Meisterburger. Yeah, we know he’s been in a few adaptations of Christmas classics already, but you can’t argue with success.


Tanta Kringle – Maggie Smith

tanta kringle

Maggie Smith





Maggie Smith has an incredible range, and if you’ve seen her break her tough façade and act motherly in the Harry Potter series (which we know you have, stop lying), you know how perfect she is to train Kris Kringle in the ways of holiday merriment. You’re welcome, world, Maggie Smith as Tanta Kringle.

– – –

So that’s it, our Holiday Hollywood Recast the live action, scene for scene remake of Rankin-Bass’ Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town is done and visualized for you. If you haven’t listened to our Christmas Special episode yet, be sure to check that out to hear deeper reasonings for these castings and who didn’t quite make the cut.

Do you agree? Who did we not think of? Comment below with your ideal casting choices.

Merry Christmas!