High Five: The Podcast loves scaring kids, so any movie that is going to disturb a child for life is one we are a fan of. Many people would say that we’re disturbed, so to honor that, we are dedicating this entire episode to discussing and ranking the Top 5 Scariest Kids Movies of All Time! Whether you were terrified of being turned into a mouse, traumatized by the plight of rabbits, or never able to look at a traveling circus the same way again, there’s something in this episode for you.

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, we continue our deep dives into horror, but this time we’re only interested in the movies that left a mark on you as a kid. Did Coraline force you to hide under your bed, or were you more of a Secret of NIMH fan. As long as you watched the movies through your finders, it counts. So strap in and get ready for a horrifying new episode. Just make sure you have a clean pair of underpants handy.

Scariest Kids Movies

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