It was recently announced that Universal would be disbanding their shared movie universe starring the classic Universal monsters called The Dark Universe. While this is good news, mainly because The Mummy starring Tom Cruise is a dumpster fire of inconsistencies and terrible writing, it got us thinking about all the OTHER shared movie universes out there. You know the ones: The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), The DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the King Kong and Godzilla “Monsterverse” and so, so many others. In this award-winning episode, J & Q dive into what makes a shared movie universe succeed and where others (*cough* DCEU *cough*) fall short, in what The New York Times is calling “a podcast episode.” It’s time to watch a whole bunch of loosely-connected movies and long for the days when a film only had to worry about telling one, great story.

Justice League Shared Movie Universes