Our world has changed drastically during our lifetimes, but one of the largest shifts has come in how we take in entertainment and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are at the heart of that change. With Amazon announcing they are getting into the commercial hit business, and Netflix making an $80 billion investment into original content in 2018, Q and J figured it was time to truly explore how these new ways of enjoying content are changing pretty much everything about how we interact with Hollywood.

Maybe Netflix has figured out the secret sauce with shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards, or maybe it’s Hulu and The Handmaid’s Tale that know where the future lies. Maybe it’ll be a new contender like MoviePass who figures it out. All we know is that there is more great content out there to take in every day and we don’t have enough holes to fit it all in, but we’re still gonna try! Won’t you join us? Bring a towel.

Too Much TV