The Oscars

Episode 31 – And Other Stuff Too: The Oscars

Mar 3rd, 2017 And Other Stuff Too J

And the Academy Award goes to…..La La Lan…….oh, wait…’s High Five: The Podcast!! Yeah, that’s an easy joke, but we made it, so shut up. J & Q sneak into the (newly-fired) PricewaterhouseCopper(s) empty office to dive into the biggest Oscars clusterfuck in history to bring you their thoughts on the annual awards show and what it means to each your humble hosts. Here’s a…

Best Movies of 2016

Episode 27: F?$k You, 2016!

Feb 3rd, 2017 Episodes J

Well, that sucked! Q and J celebrate the garbage fire that was the year 2016 the only way they know how, talking about their movies. The guys comb through the cinders of celebrity deaths and political unrest to point out which movies made the biggest impact on them throughout the year. Keep in mind, these aren’t the BEST movies of 2016 (since J and Q…

Oscar Snubs

HF Hiatus Replay: The Snubbening

Jan 28th, 2017 Episodes J

Missing High Five: The Podcast? We miss YOU! So, while we are on a short High Five: Hiatus in between Season 1 and the upcoming (Feb. 3rd) 2nd Season debut, we would like you to enjoy one of our now widely renowned and highly sought after episodes. For this Hiatus Replay we went back to our very early indie Oscar bait roots. Before we sold…

Episode 23: From the Vault of Disney’s Sub-Basement: Emerald Edition

Oct 28th, 2016 Episodes J

While Q takes a leave of absence to teach sign language to kangaroos, J is joined by special guest, and Disney expert, A as they explore the Top 5 Disney Movies of all time (minus Pixar, because those aren’t Disney, I don’t care what you say, shut up). Will your favorites make the list? Probably, but there are just SO many to choose from. How…