Best Live-Action Disney

Episode 133: The Lyin’ King (Top 5 Disney Live-Action Adaptations)

Jul 19th, 2019 Episodes J

Everything the light touches…is Disney’s kingdom; and that means we’ll be getting live-action remakes of classic Disney favorites until they run out of movies to remake. This week marks the official release of Jon Favreau’s The Lion King. Seeing as how that movie was such a big part of J and Q’s lives, this week’s episode is dedicated to our thoughts about the upcoming film and…

Alicia Maynard

Sep 25th, 2016 Bonus Features J

Alicia Maynard is from Springfield, TN, just outside of Nashville, and earned her AA in Commercial Art from Nossi College of Art in 2000. Alicia is always on the lookout for unusual, passionate and sometimes outlandish projects to create for people. However, finding interesting and well-paying gigs wasn’t always so easy. Artistic to the core, Alicia began practicing a variety of arts and spent her…


Episode 13 – And Other Stuff Too: Pixar

Jun 17th, 2016 And Other Stuff Too J

What’s better than a new Pixar movie release date? That’s right, a Pixar sequel release date……well……not really. Q & J dive into the history, heart and heartaches of the Pixar universe in this very special : And Other Stuff Too. Find out which Pixar movies are the hosts’ favorites and learn how all the Pixar movies are connected into one universe (it’s totally true) and…