The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

TrailerTown – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Sep 13th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

Whenever the Coen Brothers release a new movie, it is of immediate interest to us at High Five: The Podcast, but when they release a movie that is a Western anthology called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and it looks as star-packed and wacky as this TrailerTown, we get a whole new range of feelings. We know the Coen Brothers can direct the shit out of…

Maniac Netflix

TrailerTown – MANIAC (Netflix)

Aug 9th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

There are a lot of names in Hollywood that perk up our ears for different reason. When we hear “Emma Stone” we get interested and excited to see what she’ll try out next. When we hear “Jonah Hill” we wonder which outlandish character he will portray next and how much weight he will have inevitably gained or lost for the role. When we hear “Cary…

Luz Trailer

TrailerTown – Luz

Aug 2nd, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

Luz looks like a weird movie. The good news is that we LOVE weird movies, especially weird horror movies. Don’t get us wrong, we will go see studio horror movies like IT and A Quiet Place all day long, but when we hear that first-time writer/director Tilman Singer is making a throwback possession horror movie exclusively shot on 16mm, our ears perk up. Then we saw the…

Overlord trailer

TrailerTown – Overlord

Jul 19th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

When the Overlord trailer showed up this week, we were honestly pretty nervous.  The last time J.J. Abrams threw us a surprise movie he produced we got The Cloverfield Paradox and we’re still trying to forget that one. Then Overlord popped up and just as our eyes began to roll, J.J. tells us this is a WW2 movie about Nazi zombies and we paid attention. Then this TrailerTown came out and…

Welcome to Marwen Trailer

TrailerTown – Welcome to Marwen

Jun 21st, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

In a year where we’ve already had a Hollywood Nice Guy shrink down to doll size and stink up theaters in a movie directed by cinema royalty (talkin’ about you, Downsizing), movie studios decided it was best to release a “Re-Do” of that premise in the form of Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome to Marwen. True, it’s not the same story, and honestly, everything about this TrailerTown looks better than…

Popeye (1980)

TrailerTown – Popeye (1980)

Jun 14th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

We’re going to do something a little bit different for today’s TrailerTown. On tomorrow’s all-new episode, Q introduces a friend to the 1980 Robin Williams vehicle Popeye. Since she’d never seen Popeye, it got us thinking, how many other of you cinematic noobs haven’t seen the fantasy/action/comedy and Mr. Williams’ first starring movie role? We imagine it’s a lot of you, and with the upcoming HBO documentary…

Skyscraper movie

TrailerTown – Skyscraper

May 31st, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

Before you say it, yes Skyscraper will probably be an over-CGI’d, illogically-plotted, nonsense Summer action movie with ‘splosions. We know it and you know it. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t a wee bit excited to watch another The Rock over-CGI’d, illogically-plotted, nonsense Summer action movie with ‘splosions. You can’t eat fine caviar for every meal, every now and then you need a little cake and ice…

Hot Summer Nights Trailer

TrailerTown – Hot Summer Nights

Apr 19th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

Have you heard any inklings about Hot Summer Nights yet? Most likely, you haven’t, but there are a lot of things to get excited about for this movie. Between the production and distribution companies behind it, to the actors involved, to what appears to be a strong writer/director debut, there’s a lot to dig into here, but we won’t waste your time with our thoughts…

The First Purge Trailer

TrailerTown – The First Purge

Apr 12th, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

So listen, we aren’t going to tell you that the first Purge movies are the height of recent horror franchises. All the films leading up to The First Purge have had their problems, but one thing we can say for certain is that each one is getting better, and that alone makes us excited to see this newest installment. Outside of that, the premise, along with the genius…

Mute Movie

TrailerTown – Mute

Feb 1st, 2018 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

Speaking of great original content from streaming services, Netflix just dropped a TrailerTown for the newest film by Duncan Jones. While we love Duncan Jones, we have to admit Warcraft is a shit sandwich inside a dumpster fire, but even with that travesty on his filmography, Moon was so good that we will allow him a mulligan or two. When we heard that Duncan was creating a new movie for…