Mulholland Drive

TrailerTown – Mulholland Drive (4K Restoration)

Mar 28th, 2017 Bonus Features, TrailerTown J

When it was released in 2001, Mulholland Drive set a new standard for what cinema could achieve. Anyone who’s listened to our Top 5 David Lynch movies episode will know our love (particularly J’s) of this cinema masterpiece. Not only is it arguably David Lynch’s best film, it’s regarded by many as the best film of the 21st century. With its recent 4K restoration and…

David Lynch

Episode 22: Nothing You Are About to Hear is Real [LIVE]

Oct 14th, 2016 Episodes J

There is no “LIVE” show. This is all a tape recording. Reality is torn asunder when J and Q travel into the realm of David Lynch and break down the filmmaker’s collection so only the Top 5 David Lynch films remain! Does Baby want to fuck enough to get into the top spot, or will we take a long cruise down Mulholland Drive. Find out…