When Amazon first released their pilot for The Tick last year we were over the moon. High Five: The Podcast has a lot of nostalgia attached to The Tick property as we were both fans of the comics, cartoon, and marvelous Patrick Warburton-helmed live action adaptation. Amazon seems to be taking a mixed approach and taking what we loved about each iteration into consideration for their series, which gives us huge Amazon boners. Well, they just released a TrailerTown for the first full season of the show and it keeps our excitement fully engorged.

Take a look at the TrailerTown now and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About The Tick Season 1 Trailer

  1. Peter Lovers – While there will always be a part of us that equates The Tick with Patrick Warburton, Peter Serafinowicz portrays Tick’s sensibilities with the perfect balance of naivety and arrogance. He’s pretty much a perfect fit.
  2. Tonal Fissures – From the pilot, to this new season TrailerTown, Amazon’s The Tick is pulling tone from the comic, the cartoon, as well as the live-action series. In the comics, The Tick was legally insane, having escaped from a mental institution, and was a meta-commentary on the superhero genre as a whole. The cartoon toned that down and had Tick being a bumbling hero having just passed his initiation tests, and the live-action series hints that he may be an alien. While we’re not sure which direction the Amazon series will take to explain Tick’s tics, the pilot shows a healthy dose of all elements, which makes us happy.
  3. Tire Toss – Tick’s takedown of a perp with a tire (0:55) had us laughing and lines up with his inclination to stop evil at all costs with whatever tools necessary. If the show keeps up that level of irreverence, we’re in for a fun ride.
  4. Getting Effected – For all it’s wins, the original live-action The Tick couldn’t really live up to the action-packed cartoon and comic series. As technologies have advanced, Amazon looks to be using them to their advantage to make their The Tick heavy on special effects and truly giving Peter Serafinowicz’s titular hero the invincibility he needs.
  5. Scaling Everest – Amazon is taking a neat approach to their story, by making Arthur Everest (Moth Man) our entryway into the strangeness of The Tick. This is a smart move, given that this is supposed to be a meta show, but Griffin Newman’s portrayal of the timid, reluctant hero is just the type of straight man that can carry this type of show for seasons to come.

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