If we told you there was a Canon Pictures-helmed Spider-Man movie, licensed officially from Marvel, about a mutant man-turned-spider (think The Fly) that leads a mutant revolution against the sadistic doctors that created him, would you want to see that movie? Of course you would! We would too, which is why Q and J were bummed to find out that although that movie almost got made, it never quite passed the finish line. Hollywood history is filled with movies that just didn’t quite make it, and we have scoured the archives to bring you the definitive Top 5 Movies That Never Got Made list!

We dive into everything from a Nic Cage Superman to a Bruce Willis/Val Kilmer switcheroo that led to the cinematic massacre of a beloved literary classic. Movies you thought were real and movies that you can’t believe almost were, we cover it all on this in-depth episode. Don’t miss out, just in case this episode goes the way of Sinbad’s Shazaam.


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