With the 2016 Oscars recently passed and our anxiety abating after a long-deserved DiCaprio victory, our minds turn to famous Oscar snubs. Was Crash truly a better film than Brokeback Mountain? Did Birdman deserve the Oscar over Boyhood? Where the hell are Tarantino’s 158 Oscars (that we totally know he deserves………totally).

This is the one where J & Q go through the Top Five Oscar Snubs of all time and deliberate between who truly deserved the golden statue and which films were all veneer over value. If you had a vote, would it be a winner or belong in the trash?

Also, you won’t believe this episode’s sponsors, from an earwax museum to the world’s strangest massage parlor, and the guys get down and dirty playing the new game “7 Degrees of Actual Bacon.” Don’t miss it, because if you do, you’ll be as sad as Leo watching other people fondle his Oscars.

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