It’s the event of the summer, that on-screen blockbuster you’ve been waiting for. All your favorite people are in it and you just can’t wait for Thursday night so you can see the next installment of your favorite story adaptation. You guessed it, we’re talking about TV Mini-Series this week! Wait….what did you think? That comic book-y thing? Nerd. Q and J share memories of those days of yore when the 4-or-6-part TV mini-series were an event to look forward to. They also talk about why John Larroquette is all of their memories like a Thought-Pirate.

All your favorites are getting discussed: watching Roots in school, getting scared out of our wits by Tim Curry in IT, being bored by history again with John Adams (there’s not even any rap in that one!). Not only that, but the guys figure out the definitive Top 5 TV Mini-Series of All Time list, and don’t worry, John Larroquette is definitely on there. So, grab your family, heat up the Bagel Bites too hot, and settle in. It’s gonna be a TV event to remember!

10th Kingdom TV mini-series

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