Sometimes a teaser is all you need to fangirl out, and that’s exactly what happened when CBS released a TrailerTown for their upcoming revival of The Twilight Zone. Not only do we get thrust back through the metaphysical wormhole of Rod Serling’s mindhole, but they officially announce who the host and narrator of this version of the seminal classic will be: Jordan Peele!

It’s all there, and it’s only 25 seconds long. Watch the teaser TrailerTown for The Twilight Zone and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About The Twilight Zone Trailer

  1. A Modern Classic – If we didn’t know better (or watch the whole thing) we could have thought this was just a straight pull from the classic show. They eyeball is still there, the stairwell clock shows up, even Rod Serling’s torso makes an appearance. But then, you realize everything looks a bit crisper and cleaner. From all of this, we gather they are keeping a classic aesthetic for the show, and we couldn’t approve more!
  2. The Man, Jordan – We can’t think of a better person to host The Twilight Zone than Jordan Peele. He loves horror movies, he created one of the classic sociopolitical thillers of our time, oh, and he’s just fucking awesome at everything. Bring it home, Jordan.
  3. Bleeding Edge – The transition of the monologue from Serling’s classic version bleeding over into Jordan Peele delivering the final lines was a symbolic passing of the torch and was beautiful. We teared up. Don’t judge us.
  4. A Dimension of Sound – They used it in the TrailerTown, but they’d better use the original show theme song next year! Also, it better not be some dumbass cover of the theme by like Taylor Swift or some shit.
  5. Next Stop… – 2019 cant’ get here fast enough!

If you can’t tell, we’re excited. We hope you are too. Let us know about it in the comments!