In a year where we’ve already had a Hollywood Nice Guy shrink down to doll size and stink up theaters in a movie directed by cinema royalty (talkin’ about you, Downsizing), movie studios decided it was best to release a “Re-Do” of that premise in the form of Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome to Marwen. True, it’s not the same story, and honestly, everything about this TrailerTown looks better than everything about Downsizing. Based off the documentary Marwencol from 2010 and establishing Robert Zemeckis’ long-awaited return to Universal Pictures since Death Becomes Her, the Welcome to Marwen hits all the right notes.

Check out the TrailerTown here and then read our Top 5 Thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Welcome to Marwen Trailer

  1. Attack of the Puppet People – This TrailerTown owes a lot of it’s charm to the figurines that come to life throughout it in Steve Carell’s imagination. The juxtaposition of human recovery drama to Beetlejuice-esque action comedy is a great realm for Zemeckis. Just think of all the times Forrest Gump made you both laugh and cry.
  2. Canny Valley – Listen, we love The Polar Express as much as anyone, but Beowulf and A Christmas Carol proved to us that Robert Zemeckis never truly figured out how to cross the uncanny valley. In Welcome to Marwen, it finally looks like Bobby Zemeckis found a way to use that valley to his benefit.
  3. Cryland of Misfit Toys – Dis movie gonna make us cry.
  4. Femme Fatalities – Early in this TrailerTown, Steve Carell says “The women of Marwen protect me,” (0:43) and that goes on to be pretty damn true. We’re not sure what themes of protection will play out in this movie, but we know that some Nazis get lit on fire, shot to shit, and impaled on church steeples by the women of Marwen, so that’s a good thing.
  5. Based on a Toy Story – The most interesting thing about this TrailerTown is that it’s based on something that actually happened. I know you knew that already, but seriously, here are some pictures are the real deal:Mark Hogencamp 1    Marwencol

This movie just jumped out of its box right to near the top of our Must See list. Will you be visiting Marwen when it hits theaters this year? Let us know in the comments!