T. S. Eliot once wrote that the world would end not with a bang, but a whimper. Mr. Eliot must have been an avid television watcher, because he was spot on about the quality of series finales for some of our favorite shows. On this episode, Q and J take that lesson and rank the Top 5 worst tv series finales from the greatest shows. These aren’t the shittiest of the shit when it comes to TV, but rather shows that started off great and then limped across the finish line like Joe Theismann. Which shows meant well, but didn’t stick the landing? Which ones did they just yell “MULLIGAN” in the writer’s room and walk out to cash their checks? We’ll bet some of your favorites are on this list.

In an effort to end strong, we play a rousing version of “Fix That Ending” and introduce some new second-favorite sponsors along the way. While this is far from the end of High Five: The Podcast, we celebrate the swan songs that were more like ugly duckling limericks. If you like the shows on our list, that’s fine, we do too, but that doesn’t mean their finales can’t suck (and they do, trust us). Join us for a journey into the junk. You may even learn a little something something along the way.

Smashing a TV