When it comes to the echelon of movies adapted from video games, it’s hard to pick a top 5. Mainly, because there aren’t 5 really great video games movies! But building an episode around all the BAD video game movies…now there’s an idea! And that’s just what we did. J, Mia, and Q get together to wade through the movie mires and finally decide on the Top 5 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time!

We all select our players, pick up mushrooms and coins along the way, and try to avoid whatever the hell is going on in the House of the Dead. Things get heated when J takes personal offense at a Michael Fassbender movie, and Q may just love one of the Mortal Kombat movies. And with her epic skills, it’s more like The Legend of Chun-Mia. We watched all the bad video game adaptations so you didn’t have to!