Full transparency, when we first heard about You Were Never Really Here, the name Lynne Ramsay didn’t jump out at us. After researching her filmography, we realized she was the director of a handful of films, most of which we hadn’t seen, but one we had: We Need to Talk About Kevin. With that context, we got more excited, because that movie is great about creating a compelling movie out of a tough topic. You Were Never Really Here appears to do the same thing, but about child prostitution and revenge. If the reviews are correct about Ramsay being at the top of her game with this movie, and knowing how great Joaquin Phoenix is, we are all in on this movie now.

But take a look for yourself. Watch the TrailerTown and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the You Were Never Really Here Trailer

  1. Phoenix and the Ashes – We love a good brutal revenge thriller, but we’ve never thought about Joaquin Phoenix in a role like this, but with his acting chops and his David Letterman Beard, we’re bought in to watch him kick some ass.
  2. Lynne Ramsay Bolton – Ramsay loves to show us the dark side of humanity and put her characters through the ringer when it comes to the films of hers we are familiar with. Not only do we love to see female directors getting more great work out there, we love it even more when they can bring the pain.
  3. Con-spiracy – The TrailerTown makes it pretty obvious Joaquin’s character is pretty tormented. Whether he’s an ex-con or just a bruiser, when he takes this newest job, he wanders into a conspiracy involving the police and who knows who else. We love untangling conspiracies. Someone’s getting conned here, we just don’t know who yet and who will pay for it in blood.
  4. Sin-ematography – Man, this movie looks beautiful. Between the use of darkness, security camera footage, and the scene fades, not only are we going to get a violent movie, but we’ll get one that looks amazing.
  5. Murder Mansion – We’ve seen the shot from this movie of Joaquin’s character holding a ball-peen hammer standing outside a lavish mansion (1:58) in other promotions for this movie and the shot gives us chills. DOn’t know how it will be used, but at this point, we don’t really care.

We’ll definitely be standing in line to watch Mr. Phoenix give his “very best work” (1:31) because that’s a big claim. If the movie gets even 80% of the way there, it’s going to be brutally amazing. What do you think? Will you be seeing it?