Have you heard the one about the babysitter where the call was coming from inside the house? What about the one about eating Pop Rocks and Coke together? Even better, have you heard the one about Q and J recording a whole podcast about the Top 5 Movies Based on Urban Legends? I swear that last one’s true, my sister’s boyfriend’s Aunt’s roommate listened to it and told my sister!

This week gets scary, but there are some lovable urban legends mixed in as well. Which film do you think will take the top prize? Does the legend of Bigfoot win out over the hook-hand killer? Maybe there will be a fight to the death between the sewer croc and the crazy hitchhiker. Either way, this is one episode that is destined to become legend. Now, please excuse us while we look into this mirror. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Ma…

Pop Rocks and Coke Urban Legends

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