“Dear underpants store……we’re going to need to increase our subscription……yeah, just saw the new It TrailerTown……..thanks!”

We lie best when we lie to ourselves, and we’re lying to ourselves if we say the brand new It (2017) teaser TrailerTown didn’t scare the shit out of us. From the tone, to the sample scenes shown, to the look and feel of Pennywise, it squelched many fears we have about this new adaptation. This may end up on a Top 5 Best Horror episode in the future.

It’s true that trailers won’t predict the quality of the final product (*cough* *cough* lookin’ at you Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), but if this teaser is any indication, we’ll be highly pleased when September floats down the gutter.

Check out the trailer and then read our Top 5 thoughts below:

Top 5 Things About the It (2017) Trailer

  1. The Horror – It’s nice to see a major release like this focus on the pure horror of King’s novel. There are enough creepy images and fear fodder in this to believe that we may be sleeping with the lights on after September 8.
  2. The Kids – Casting is key for an adaptation of Stephen King’s It. The relationship between, and believability of, The Losers’ Club, are essential for bringing this story to life. From this trailer, it looks like the kids may hit it out of the park.
  3. Pennywise – Nowadays, clowns are nearly synonymous with horror, but the idea of a clown/demon that lives in the sewer under a small Maine town needs to carry the weight of the fear It needs to be successful. From this trailer, it looks like Bill Skarsgård will be giving us nightmares.
  4. Georgie – Not only is his death the main inciting incident for the entire story of It, but Georgie’s death sets the tone and horror for the whole shebang. We’re liking what we’re seeing in relation to this iconic moment.
  5. Derry – Anyone who’s read the novel It knows how important a role the town plays in the story. Not only is The Losers’ Club plagued by the villain, but the town has been haunted for generations by It. The sweeping shots and focus on the town in this trailer give us a good feeling we’ll be coming home to Derry later this year.

What did you think of the It (2017) trailer? Did it scare you as much as it did us? What are you excited for/scared of most with this adaptation?