You can call them One Season Wonders or Single Season Superstars, just don’t call them late for dinner……or say they “got canned for a reason,” because these are the Top 5 One Season TV Series. On this episode, J & Q spend some time exploring why some of the best TV shows in history only lasted one glorious season (spoiler alert: most of the time it’s due to networks and producers being stupid dicks). Whether we’re spending time in high school, with clones, fighting super villains, or flying through space, these are the cream of the crop that left us wanting more. You’ll recognize a lot of the names behind these shows, even if you don’t remember the shows themselves, but we’re about to add a whole mess of good stuff to your watchlist.

When we’re not exploring bad timeslots and the intricacies of meta-parodies, we hear from some second-favorite sponsors and dissect a classic terrible TV theme song. Trust us, you won’t believe how nearly-racist some old TV shows kicked off their episodes. It’s a free-for-all for good and bad shows alike. Fair warning, That 80s Show and Baby Bob don’t make an appearance on either list and if you liked those shows, there are bigger problems at play. Seriously, what are you thinking? Jesus Christ.

Brisco County Jr