If there’s anything we love at High Five: The Podcast, it’s long walks on the beach, a warm tray of Bagel Bites right out of the oven, and Denzel Washington. Once we get started talking about D-Wash (that’s what we call him because we’re on a better-than-first-name-basis), it’s hard to stop. On this very special episode, Q and J break down the Top 5 Denzel Washington movies, which is a difficult task, seeing as how he’s starred in over 40 movies (and he’s great in all of them). It’s almost as difficult as turning down a warm plate of Bagel Bites right out of the oven. Whether Denzel is revenging on fire, leading a cultural revolution, corrupting a police rookie, or holding up a hospital in a heart-heist, he’s a perfect specimen and we’re lucky to have him, nearly as lucky as someone with a warm plate of Bagel Bites right out of the oven.

It’s a long road when talking Denzel, with a lot of mo’ better blues, so we listen to some second favorite sponsors along the way. Also, in an effort to grease the wheels for our dream three-person date where we take Denzel out for drinks at Le Bain at The Standard and then back to our place for some warm Bagel Bites right out of the oven, we play the inaugural round of John Who, the world-famous Denzel Washington quiz game. So, it’s time to wear your hearts on your sleeves and join us for this Denzel retrospective.

Denzel Training Day