What does it mean when a filmmaker uses nature in the best ways to tell their story? Does it mean they only film in natural light? Or does it mean that they film animals in their natural habitats? Could it mean a whole lot more? Q and J explore the great outdoors and these questions in this week’s episode that’s all about the Top 5 Ways Filmmakers Used Nature in Movies. This episode will probably introduce you to a couple of films you aren’t familiar with, but trust us, they’re worth it.

When Q isn’t coming back from a life lived like Henry David Thoreau, and J isn’t getting spooked by wildlife, we dive into the different ways directors have figured out how to incorporate the natural world into their stories and wrap up the next, great installment of the #MattieMoment. It’s almost too much for one episode to handle, but luckily we recorded the whole thing outside.

The Revenant Nature in Movies

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