When you run a successful movie podcast, such as this one, you frequently get asked to go see early screeners of upcoming releases and provide reviews. Such was the case for Atomic Blonde, the Charlize Theron kick ass vehicle, which we were recently asked to screen and review. Unfortunately, both hosts missed the screener. But not seeing a movie has never stopped Q & J from having opinions on them, so they decided to give you a review anyway. Introducing the Oops, We Missed the Screener review of Atomic Blonde! You won’t believe the twists that (probably) happen in the film, and both J & Q were blown away by the (potential) body parts John Goodman has on display. Is Atomic Blonde a back door sequel or prequel to some of your favorite movies? Maybe! How exactly is James McAvoy’s name pronounced? Who knows! Be sure to listen closely to get the REAL scoop on David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde, even though we didn’t see it and are 100% right about everything.

Atomic Blonde Charlize Theron