What do the Spanish Prisoner, the Baltimore Stockbroker, the Grandma’s Knuckle, and the High Five Living Room have in common? That’s right, they are all words written in the sentence previous to this one! Also, they’re all massive con jobs that have shaped how some people view the world. Join Q and J as they recap their many adventures at O-Con Expo 2019 and talk the best cosplay, Fiver shoutouts, their new status as Con Artists, and celebrity encounters.

After talking Omaha, J and Q sneak their way to a conversation about the Top 5 Best Con Artist Movies of All Time! We talk classics like The Sting all the way to this Summer’s The Hustle. What will make the cut and which con jobs get pulled early. Put on your most convincing fake mustaches, grab your bank blueprints, and let’s pull a job together.

The Hustle Con Artist Movies

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