We started off 2017 pretty strong by ranking our favorite films of 2016, and we’ve decided to end even stronger by actually talking about the movies of the year in the year they were released. It’s been a year of political unrest, celebrity scandals, and a necessary shift in power dynamics among Hollywood…and we couldn’t be more thrilled to not talk about ANY of that and just talk about the movies that we thought were the bee’s knees this year. As always, these aren’t the BEST movies of 2017 (since J and Q haven’t seen them all), just our FAVORITE movies…which makes them the best, and if you don’t agree, you can still suck it.

We get so caught up talking about our (and your) favorite movies, we barely have time for commercials, but trust us, this will be the #1 ranked 2017 movie ranking discussion had all year. We have a top 10 list to prove it. According to our Moms, this is “the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to our family in years.” Let’s get High Five: The Podcast Season 2 put away for Christmas and get to unwrapping how great Season 3….scratch that, Season 5, will be!!

Lego Batman Best 2017 Movies