If you’re like us, you loved when San Diego Comic-Con 2017 reveals, news, and trailers started to drop late last week. If you’re also like us, you didn’t have the expendable income to fly to California and pay to get into the festivities. Well, loyal Fivers, don’t fret, because High Five: The Podcast has your back and we’ve scoured through the millions of stories and drops from SDCC 2017 and are presenting the top 5 trailers, news bits, Comic-Con experiences, and more just for you!

So, without further adieu, here’s the best of what San Diego Comic-Con 2017 had to offer us.


1. Ready Player One – Oh boy, are we excited for this one. Our greatest fear was that the movie couldn’t possibly live up to the spectacle of the book, but from the looks of this TrailerTown, they are doing a great job.

2. Stranger Things, Season 2 – After watching this, we can’t WAIT to get back to Hawkins in October. Big (stranger) things are coming.

3. Thor: Ragnarok – The Thor movies have never been our favorites in the MCU, but man, they are taking things for Thor: Ragnarok in a totally new direction and we couldn’t be more on board.

4. Justice League – We’ve been very forthcoming on the pitfalls of the DCEU, but making trailers is something they are good at. The new peek at Justice League makes it looks very, very good.

5. Rocko’s Modern Life Reboot – Rocko’s Modern Life was a staple in our houses growing up. It’s a favorite of everyone on staff at High Five: The Podcast. This reboot gave our goosebumps goosebumps.


1. Captain Marvel Loves the 90s – High Five: The Podcast loves the 90s, so we were thrilled to read that the upcoming Captain Marvel movie will take place chronologically before Iron Man and feature Carol Danvers battling the Skrulls.

2. Black Panther Leaps Forward Again – From its first TrailerTown to all the info coming out from their panel in Hall H at SDCC, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther movie looks to be one that can’t be missed this year.

3. Spawn Gets Re-Spawned – Todd McFarlane is bringing his most demoic creation back to the big screen. We may already have a Spawn movie, but we can all agree it’s lacking. Here’s hoping McFarlane has a better eye for his property.

4. Michelle Pfeiffer Plays with Ants and Wasps – It was announced at SDCC that the one and only Michelle Pfeiffer is joining Ant-Man and The Wasp as Janet Van Dyne, an early Wasp.

5. FlashPointing in the Right Direction – Our God in Heaven, the solo The Flash movie for the DCEU will be an adaptation of Flashpoint!!


Comic-Con Experiences

1. Westworld Experience –  As a promo for the upcoming season, Westworld set up an immersive experience where participants got sorted by an agent into Black Hat or White Hat and then were released into the saloon to have a conversation with a “host”. The whole thing sounded incredibly well-done and we wished we could have experienced it.

2. Replicating Blade Runner – Wait, you mean to tell us we can play in the Blade Runner universe with real props and actors who are trying to determine if we’re Replicants? Why didn’t we fly to San Diego!?!

3. A Legion of VR – In order to truly create an experience around FX’s Legion, you’d basically have to give people super power…..or hook them up to extermely believable VR.

4. Escaping The Expanse – Escape Rooms are fun, but Escape Rooms themed after very popular TV shows, that sounds like a whole other level of enjoyment.

5. Claymotion from Laika – We love stop motion movies, so to be able to see sets, characters and pieces from Laika’s films feels right up our alley.


Honorable Mentions

Sadly, not everything could make it into our Top 5 lists, but that’s why there are honorable mentions. Here are some final things that got us excited.

* Kingsmen: Golden Circle Trailer

* The Defenders Trailer

* Netflix’s Bright Trailer

* John Boyega’s Jaeger Recruitment Teaser

* The Twin Peaks Panel

* Batfleck will Return