Earlier this week, we were finally graced with a full look at the first Venom trailer, and it’s safe to say that the Internet exploded with hate and laughter at it. We’ve spent this week collecting our thoughts on what Tom Hardy and company are trying to pull off and it turns out, we disagree with a lot of the world wide web and don’t actually hate this TrailerTown. Will it be the best superhero movie ever? Not in a million years. But does it deserve the vitriol it’s been receiving? We don’t think so. So, on this very special TrailerTown, we are going to share our Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t hate the Venom trailer.

If you don’t remember it, or just want to refresh your memory before our Top 5 list, watch the Venom trailer below and then check out our defense:

Top 5 Things to Not Hate About the Venom Trailer

  1. It’s Venom, Bitches – When the first Venom teaser TrailerTown got released, everyone lost their shit because we never got a look at the Venom design. The studio listened (for once) and this TrailerTown ends with a great view of the design, the functionality, and the face we all love to fear, without spoiling anything about the movie. Let’s just be honest, everyone, the Venom design looks great, and finally does justice to this beloved character. In case you forgot, here’s what we were working with before:Topher Grace Venom
  2. We, the Creep-le – One of Venom’s defining characteristics is that the symbiote that creates the suit has a mind of its own. Not only does it take over Eddie Brock’s body and give him the black “suit” but it also is a living creature set on chaos. This TrailerTown shows that dynamic by having Tom Hardy’s Brock look like he’s detoxing from heroin for most of the trailer, and the symbiote seemingly acting of its own accord to protect its host. Also, if the final moments of the Venom voice saying “We are Venom” didn’t give you chills, you aren’t a true Venom fan.
  3. Hardy Boy – Tom Hardy is a wonderful actor. Yes, all his movies aren’t the best (lookin’ at you, This Means War), but Tom is pretty much baller in everything he’s in, regardless of the quality of the finished product. Let’s go through the checklist of Tom Hardy-isms that appear in this TrailerTown: Dedicated character accent? Check! Tom looking buff? Check! Witty banter? Check! Range of character emotions? Check! Even if the movie isn’t going to win Oscars, Tom won’t let us down. Let us trust in Tom.
  4. Sinister Support – Even though he’s great, Tom Hardy isn’t going to carry a superhero movie by himself, so seeing Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson backing him up gives us hope that this will be a fun theater-going experience, and when you get right down to it, isn’t that all we want? Also, let’s not forget that the director, Ruben Fleischer, has directed Zombieland, Gangster Squad, and episodes of Santa Clarita Diet (very good show), and Superstore (very underrated show), among others. This movie’s in capable hands, everyone.
  5. The Unknowns – We have a problem with TrailerTowns showing everything cool about a movie before we go see it. Hopefully, Venom will be sidestepping that problem and playing it smart, because it’s rumored that Tom Holland might make a Spider-Man cameo, and we know that Woody Harrelson joined the cast (please, oh please, let him be Carnage), and we didn’t see anything from either of them. This movie is keeping some secrets, and those secrets get us excited.

We’re not saying you have to love the Venom TrailerTown, but we are saying it’s not as bad as everyone seems to think. We’ll stand by it until we see the movie. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!