And the Academy Award goes to…..La La Lan…….oh, wait…’s High Five: The Podcast!! Yeah, that’s an easy joke, but we made it, so shut up. J & Q sneak into the (newly-fired) PricewaterhouseCopper(s) empty office to dive into the biggest Oscars clusterfuck in history to bring you their thoughts on the annual awards show and what it means to each your humble hosts. Here’s a hint: one of them hates them and one of them loves them. What does is mean to make art as a cinematic experience and what does it mean to just create a vehicle for more money, pomp and circumstance? Yeah, they get pretty heady, but then again, what are The Oscars all about if not an exercise in public masturbation. So sit back, stroke your golden statue, and enjoy this brand new edition of And Other Stuff Too!

The Oscars 2017